I absolutely LOVE EleanorAnne! I’ve looked up to her since I first got in this hobby. She’s so sweet and her dolls are so unique and pretty <3


so I don’t really pay attention to tumblr anymore, but Amy told me about this at the meet-up today so I wanted to come on and say thank you to whoever wrote this and to everyone who wrote such sweet replies <3


(via deviantART: More Like Pink gets me high as a kite by ~Michainyourarms)

oh hey…. this is my doll.
and the link underneath it isn’t right.
that’s kind of annoying.
I wish that if people were going to post my shit on tumblr that they’d at least link back properly.

(via headless-doll)

so I made an animal crossing tumblr…

just fyi in case anyone was wondering where I’ve been…

i haz hat!

everyone with their awesome secret santa presents <3

homeward bound.

woo doctor who skirt!

my middle name should have been grace…

doctor who pants!

how nerds celebrate new years xD

yay new headphones!

holy giant jar of nutella batman.

hat twins!

stand is finally all finished! so now Egg can actually stand up.